Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Marriage Is Better Than Cohabiting

Compared to their married peers, cohabiters consistently have lower rates of well-being than married people.  Why?  Because cohabiting relationships are ambiguous.  Usually each partner  has a different understanding of the nature and future of the relationship.  In marriage the couple is clear about the claim they have on each other.  Husbands are more likely to come home after work and not stay out all night with the guys than boyfriends are.  Wives and husbands are not as likely to flirt with others outside the relationship.  Marriage helps them know who they belong to emotionally and sexually.

Glenn T. Stanton and Dr. Bill Maier, “Marriage on Trial: The Case Against Same-Sex Marriage and Parenting,” pg.124-125

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Intrusive Government

The founders of American democracy may not have been Christian themselves, but their understanding of limited government emerged out of a culture in which the single most powerful and deep source of values was inarguably Christianity.  This is why the erosion of Christian influence and the rise of secularism in America have been accompanied by a dramatic expansion in the size and the role of government.

In the Christian view, government is essentially a policeman—now, it has become not only a policeman, but also a nanny, teacher, guide, healer, and provider of happiness and material security.  It has also become a means of steering society toward an imaginary secular ideal.  The end of this process will have been reached when the government is master, tyrant, source of values, spiritual guide—and chastiser of those who do not conform.  This chastisement will be done by all-knowing experts (like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins) for the good of humanity.

Joseph Keysor, “Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Bible,” pg.436

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Reaping the Consequences of the Homosexual Agenda

Youngsters who are even now prematurely assaulted with sexual references will have this issue thrown in to further damage their psychological health.  We should expect a rise in the rate of teenage suicides as youngsters are forced to “decide” early as to their sexual orientation.  We should expect a rise in AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases as well as an increase in sexual abuse by men preying on vulnerable youth.  We can anticipate that those who speak out against homosexuality will be increasingly reviled and repressed, while gay and lesbian activists will become increasingly vocal and persuasive in pushing their agendas in the media, in courts, in all branches of government.  Already today, when science and homosexuality clash, science has been nudged aside.  In the political campaign to normalize homosexuality, psychiatrists who claim to be able to help those who voluntarily wish to leave the homosexual lifestyle are ignored and even spat upon.  Any facts that counter the dogma that homosexuality is as much a part of a person as skin color are rejected.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, "America's Real War," pg.205-206 (1999)

Friday, August 19, 2016

Without Truth, All Religion is the Same

The New Civ[ilization]…is a kind of religious smorgasbord, where everyone can cheerfully pick and choose from a vast array of spiritual elements, gradually building his own religion.  Inside the New Civ Mind, every idea is equally true.  For them, this premise is the real value, the ultimate meaning that can be apprehended: the acceptance, the nonjudgmental “tolerance” of all ideas, all definitions.  How does one persuade a person that one definition is superior to another, when his highest values deny that such a thing is possible?  Thus, in the New Civ, at least for now, there can be as many religions as there are human beings, every possible one of which is regarded as equally valid, all exactly as efficacious in saving one’s soul—because the concept of salvation itself is arbitrary, just as true or invalid as any individual decides it is.  In the New Civ, we fulfill Satan’s promise to Adam: we are our own god.  Whatever we believe is “true,” and whatever we don’t believe is not “true,” because there is no eternal standard of Truth, no supreme God as the Bible describes the idea.

Patrick Michael Murphy, “How the West Was Lost,” p.153

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Whose Moral Compass?

Government cannot “fix” things, because government comes at problems from a fallen human (materialistic) perspective. Free money just isn’t the answer to everything. In fact, it’s not the answer to much of anything, but it is government’s favorite tool. They can use it for bribery, they can punish states and businesses by withholding it, or they can use it to wallpaper their congressional bathrooms – but it never gets at the heart of the problem. God, the real God, is central to informing us who we are and how we should behave.

Marriage was a union between a male and female who together produced, cared for, and raised children. There was a personal moral responsibility to these relationships. Two parent families with a male and female role model were the norm. Taking personal responsibility for the family and individual economic circumstance was the morally responsible way to live and was often rewarded. Being peer accountable to the community was thought of as normal. Even if an individual or family were poor, they had a sense of pride and personal respect. Taking a “handout” was not taken lightly. The one helping had a sense of doing good, the one receiving was appreciative, and when their financial picture changed (for most poverty is a temporary condition) they would help others as they remembered how someone had cared for them.

In the 1960s, the “war on poverty” was declared, which often made government the “daddy,” and removed personal responsibility. It changed the structure of the family and created dependence on the Federal Government rather than on God. Women were financially rewarded for having children out of wedlock, and more children meant more government benefits. In certain communities it became the norm for children to grow up in single parent homes without a father. The children in turn became dependents to the State. So too, the so-called nanny-state also relieved grown children of the responsibility to provide for parents or other family members, and it also encroached upon the churches’ mission of meeting the needs of the poor.

Don and Joy Veinot, Whose Moral Compass?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Perverting the Constitution

Homosexual and sex-rejecting (aka “transgender”) activists have been abusing, exploiting, and perverting the U.S. Constitution to serve their sexually anarchistic cultural revolution for years. Their revolution recognizes no authority and few boundaries. The public good and truth of marriage and properly ordered sexuality, the rights of children, and the Constitution will be sacrificed on the twin altars of perverse sexual desire and absolute autonomy

Our Founding Fathers—deists and theists alike—must be whirling maelstroms in their resting places over the abuse of the U.S. Constitution to enable public homosex.

Laurie Higgins, "Homosexualists Abuse the Constitution--Again"

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Compulsory Schooling is Indoctrination

Compulsory schooling has been, from the beginning, a scheme of indoctrination into the new concept of mass man, an important part of which was the creation of a proletariat.  According to August Comte (surely the godfather of scientific schooling), you could create a useful proletariat class by breaking connections between children and their families, their communities, their God, and themselves.

John Taylor Gatto, “What’s Really Wrong With Our Schools?” pg.20

Monday, August 15, 2016

ADAH Diagnosis From Bad Presuppositions

The basis for the diagnosis  ADHD is the presupposition “that some children who cannot sit still and pay attention in school have a biologically based behavior disorder.”  Of course the corollary assumptions are that the child cannot be held accountable for his behavior, that the Bible’s teaching on parenting is at best irrelevant and more probably harmful, that drug therapy is the appropriate treatment, and that Biblical counseling is inappropriate in such cases.  These assumptions are not based on fact, but on beliefs contrary to Biblical teaching about behavior.

Dr. James Thomas, “The Christian Home and ADHD,” The Biblical Counselor, January 1995, p.1.  Cited by Robert D. Smith, M.D., The Christian Counselor’s Medical Desk Reference, pg.165

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Husband’s Reign Must Be By Love

We must remember that power must be tempered by love; it is to be controlled by love, it is the power of love.  No husband is entitled to say that he is the head of the wife unless he loves his wife.  He is not carrying out the Scriptural injunction unless he does so.  These things go together.  In other words, it is a manifestation of the Spirit, and the Holy Spirit not only gives power but He gives love and also discipline.  So as the husband exercises his privilege as the head of the wife, and the head of the family, he does so in this way.  He is to be controlled always by love, and he is to be controlled by discipline.  He must discipline himself.  There may be the tendency to dictate, but he must not do so — “power, love, sound mind” (discipline).  All that is implicit here in this great word “love”.

So the reign of the husband is to be a reign and rule of love; it is a leadership of love.  It is not the idea of a pope or a dictator; it is not a case of “ipse dixit”; he does not speak “ex-cathedra”.  No, it is the power of love, it is the discipline of the Spirit, guarding this power and authority and dignity which are given to the husband.  That is clearly the fundamental and controlling idea in the whole of this matter — “Husbands, love your wives.”

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Life in the Spirit in Marriage, Home & Work: An Exposition of Ephesians 5:18-6:9, pg.132

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Moms AND Dads Are Necessary!

A married father is substantially less likely to abuse his wife or children than men in any other category.  This means that boys and girls with married fathers learn by observation how men should treat women.  Girls with involved fathers, therefore, are more likely to select for themselves good husbands because they have a proper standard by which to judge all candidates.  Fathers themselves also help weed out bad candidates.  Boys raised with fathers are more likely to be good husbands because they can emulate their fathers’ successes and learn from their failures.  This is perhaps why societies with involved fathers are more likely to be female-affirming cultures.

Girls and boys with married mothers learn from their mothers what healthy and respectful female relationships with men look like.  Girls who observe their mothers confidently and lovingly interacting with their fathers learn how to interact confidently with men.  Same-sex homes can’t provide this important example and therefore will have a difficult time helping their children have healthy heterosexual relationships.

Glenn T. Stanton and Dr. Bill Maier, “Marriage on Trial: The Case Against Same-Sex Marriage and Parenting,” pg.118-119