Saturday, December 19, 2015

Same-Sex Fake Marriage Is Destructive to the Culture

Every country which has legalized same sex marriage has experienced a significant decline in traditional marriage and the breakdown of the traditional family.  During the past decade [1997-2007], same sex marriage has become law in Denmark, France, Hungary, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and, most recently, Canada.  Each country has seen a sharp increase in cohabitation, out of wedlock births, fatherless children, poverty and drug use.  

The claim that a homosexual’s “marriage” doesn’t “hurt” anybody is based of false logic.  The same assertion cold be made about other modes of behavior such as pedophilia, child pornography, bigamy, incest or sex with animals.  As long as there is mutual consent and none of these behaviors are unlawful, shouldn’t everyone be able to enjoy all the same legal protections traditional marriages enjoy?  After all, “how does a threesome or person wanting to marry his animal affect the married couple across town?” the cynic might ask.

Anytime we as a society condone specify models of behavior, we tacitly acknowledge it as acceptable.  Just because we may never come into direct contact with a pedophile doesn’t mean we must condone such behavior by granting it legal approval.  Citizens can oppose and restrict certain legal relationships based upon the perceived morality of that behavior.  I need not live next door to a polyamorous couple to oppose the legality of this type of family configuration.

Gregg Jackson, “Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies,” p.243-244

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