Monday, April 4, 2016

Sex Has A Binding Effect

Sexual intercourse has a psychologically binding effect, particularly for females.  The act of itself increases the feeling of closeness.  In uncommitted and temporary relationships where sexual intimacy, with its psychologically bonding effect, is shared, there is considerable risk of hurt.  Nearly always, one partner has become more deeply involved than the other.  And there is no recognized religious or social influence to hold a temporary “mate” or “friend” to the other.  All that these temporary partners share is the dangerous freedom of “for as long as it feels good.” Either partner is always vulnerable to rejection, which happens more often that not in such relationships, and the break is very hard for one or both.  One can say “no strings,” but that is not possible.  There always are strings and tearing them always hurts, inflicting injuries that may take years or a lifetime to heal.  

Dorothy L. Williams, “There Is A Season . . . Studies in Human Sexuality for Youth of Christian Churches and Their Parents,” pg.91.  Cited by Josh McDowell and Dick Day, "Why Wait?" p.265

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