Monday, September 5, 2016

The New Super-Woman?

We need to emphasize that the envisioners of a new society are also seeking to create a New Woman.  Their go is the complete elimination of the traditionally passive, quiet, sensitive, domestic woman.  The New Woman does not find her fulfillment in the home—she finds it in being as much like a man as possible, identical to men, even superior to them.

This New Woman is supposed to be strong, smart, tough, sophisticated, fully capable of fulfilling a man’s role in every sphere—in the factory, the office, or even on the battlefield.  According to this ideological ideal women are even being presented, increasingly, as superior to men—more sensitive, less egotistical, less violent, wiser, emotionally stronger.  For a super-woman such as this, domestic duties are a bore and child-raising is a nuisance.  The Nazis tried to create supermen, and their folly is now known to all.  How long will it be before the attempt to create super-women is likewise recognized as false, evil, destructive, impossible, and absurd?

The New Secular Man is supposed to accommodate this dream of unisex.  He sees himself as essentially no different from a woman, as obligated to defer to women and encourage, help, and support them in their drive to excel.  He must be gentle, sensitive, compassionate, avoid doing anything that offends women, and cater to their demands and expectations.  He must never impose on the woman’s total freedom to be or do whatever she wishes.

Joseph Keysor, “Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Bible,” pg.436

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