Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Decline of Public Education

There was no mysticism in the first American schools which produced pioneers who carved this industrial giant out of a wilderness; which produced the Patrick Henrys, the George Washingtons; and which lifted this nation to international prominence.  The simple fact is, teachers read their Bibles, led children in prayer, and wrote textbooks like the McGuffy Readers.  They acknowledged the basic theistic presuppositions which built a sense of responsibility into the character of children.  The first schools taught Christianity, morality, and knowledge based upon…fundamental presuppositions.

These were the basic presuppositions of the early Americans regardless of their theological background, and they were, in fact, the basic Christian beliefs upon which out founding fathers built our Constitutional system.  These prevailed through the Colonial period, the Expansion period, the Industrial Revolution, the Reconstruction, and up until the days of John Dewey.  Some misinterpret the Constitution when they contend that no religion can be taught in the schools. The humanistic repudiations of God by Owen, Mann, and Dewey, have become law in education.  The drive to make education nonsectarian reduced it to humanistic indoctrination which is the worship of man.  This has become the religion of government schools.

Dr. Donald R. Howard, Let’s Save Our Public Schools.  Cited by Mal Couch,This Great Nation: The Things That Made it Great — and How we Lost Them, pg.109-110

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