Saturday, February 11, 2017

How Revolutionaries Play Victim

It is well to note in connection with the crackdown of revolutionaries of the appearance of a tactic that has often been used since by Communists, their sympathizers and fellow-travelers.  It is the device of taking attention away from Communist methods and violence by focusing attention on real or imagined wrongs done by those who oppose them.  To put it more bluntly, it is the device of turning revolutionaries into the victims and the prosecutors into aggressors.  This is accomplished by downplaying the purposes and methods of revolutionaries and focusing upon the allegedly unsavory tactics of those who act to contain and restrain them. Revolutionaries are portrayed as innocent advocates of unpopular ideas, beset by heavy-handed Yahoos. 

Clarence B. Carson, A Basic History of the United States, Vol. 4: The Growth of America 1878-1928, pg.224-225

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