Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Talmud and Sexual Immorality

On the basis of the Pentateuch, the Talmud treats all sexual activity outside of marital relations, including masturbation, unequivocally as sins, though it makes careful distinctions concerning their varying severity.  Lesbianism, for example, is treated as a less severe sin than male homosexuality; the various Talmudic discussions concerning lesbianism view it as less of a threat to family formation and stability than the always potentially rogue male sexuality.  As unmodern as this asymmetry may appear, it is indeed accurately reflected in the many families tragically being torn apart by the decision of (chiefly) husbands to leave their families and enter the “gay life.”  It is also seen in the lower incidence of lesbianism than male homosexuality in America (1.4 percent versus 2.8 percent) and in the more severe medical consequences of male homosexuality, primarily related to anal intercourse and secondarily to the exchange of fluids in male to male sex.

Jeffrey Satinover, M.D., Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth, pg.212-213

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