Monday, October 26, 2015

Without God There Are No Limits

True belief in God imposes limits -- the rejection of biblical values and the lowering of man to the level of a beast open the door to the most hideous and unbridled atrocities.  That the human mind once freed from the restraints of God's law is capable of devising bizarre ideologies and inflicting merciless cruelties; that there is innate evil in the human soul which does not need to be encouraged but which rather needs to be limited and restrained -- these are truths which many will reject.  Nevertheless, it should be evident, and will be evident to an impartial observer, that it is not the fault of the Bible if secular human reasoning without divine revelation comes to the conclusions that life is only a pitiless struggle in which the strong survive and the weak die; that this struggle is the most fundamental law of life, the very source of our being; that heaven and hell are useless deceptions; . . . that kindness, forgiveness, and mercy are vices, while cold and pitiless cruelty is a virtue, and healthy; that man is only an animal, nothing more....

Joseph Keysor, Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Bible, pg.12

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