Monday, June 20, 2016

Christians DO NOT Propagate Hate

Christians who stand against redefining marriage and the homosexualization of our culture are deliberately and dishonestly conflated with “hate,” “dishonor” and being “anti-LGBTQ,” none of which is accurate.

Everywhere one turns, one is inevitably confronted with LGBTQ propaganda, forced upon society by those who’re antagonistic toward traditional sexual and gender norms and ethics which came from the Judeo-Christian value system. These propagandists of the post-modern sexual revolution demand Captain America have a boyfriend; they send social media petitions to Disney suggesting that Elsa – a princess in the popular movie Frozen – be a lesbian; they celebrate the possibility of a transgender stingray in the upcoming movie, Finding Dora, the sequel to the hit movie, Finding Nemo; they celebrate Bruce Jenner’s “transition” and they cheer J.J. Abrams as he boasts about a gay character in the upcoming movies in the Star Wars franchise. This cultural gender-bending and homosexualization is in addition to the destruction of the institution of marriage, and absurdity that one can appropriate whatever gender one “identifies” with rather than one’s birth gender, crystallized in the disturbing bathroom edicts of the Obama administration. Not wanting to be force-fed secularized and culturally damaging sexual experimentation doesn’t qualify as a ‘brutal job’ of honoring the lives of LGBTQ. And it doesn’t implicate Christian responsibility for a murderous, radical Islamic madman either.

Further, as many examples demonstrate, most Christians aren’t anti-gay or “homophobic.” They simply don’t want to be legally mandated into participating in actions that violate their religious sensibilities – sensibilities which are protected by the Constitution. Many people despise teachers’ unions, myself included, but that doesn’t mean all teachers are despised (only the incompetent ones). The same analogy applies here. Christians aren’t afraid of gays, nor do they hate gays. They simply disagree with the overly aggressive agenda to normalize homosexuality through compulsion combined with the cultural deconstruction of social institutions.

Derryck Green, “Sorry, Jen Hatmaker: Christians Aren’t Complicit in Orlando

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