Thursday, June 30, 2016

Darwinists Can’t Live Their Philosophy

If life is essentially survival in an impersonal, amoral struggle; if staying alive is what it is all about; then keeping one’s mouth shut and looking out for number one is the rational and scientific thing to do.  Altruism, self-sacrifice as a virtue that emerged out of Darwinian conflict, is a theory only that does not touch the human heart.  It is a cobweb that breaks under any real pressure.

If Darwinism is true, there is not higher ethical law beyond that of survival.  Attempts to invent one are not only false at bottom, weak, and unconvincing.  They also betray the innate human inability of Darwinists to live consistently with what they say they believe.  Their minds assert one thing, but their deeper human feel ins say something that is more powerful.

Those who so far stifle human feeling as to attempt to really live according to a Darwinist ethic sink by degrees into a dark night of the soul.  The strong survive, the weak die—this is their ethic, their law, and their philosophy.  When they put it into practice, it becomes  criminal philosophy—one totally at odds with the vastly more enlightened and human concept of people as presented in the Judaeo-Christian tradition.

Joseph Keysor, Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Bible, pg.391

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