Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Public School Teaches What to Think About, Not What to Think

Well-schooled people, like schoolbooks, are very much alike.  Propagandists have known for [over] a century that school-educated people are easier to lead than ignorant people, as Dietrich Bonhoeffer confirmed in his studies of Nazism.

It’s very useful for some people that our form of schooling tells children what to think about, how to think about it, and when to think about it.  It’s very useful to some groups that children are trained to be dependent on experts, to react to titles instead of judging the real men and women who hide behind the titles.  It isn’t very healthy for families and neighborhoods, cultures and religions.  But, then, school was never about those things anyway.  That’s why we don’t have them around anymore.  You can thank government schooling for that.

John Taylor Gatto, “What’s Really Wrong With Our Schools?” pg.21

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