Friday, August 19, 2016

Without Truth, All Religion is the Same

The New Civ[ilization]…is a kind of religious smorgasbord, where everyone can cheerfully pick and choose from a vast array of spiritual elements, gradually building his own religion.  Inside the New Civ Mind, every idea is equally true.  For them, this premise is the real value, the ultimate meaning that can be apprehended: the acceptance, the nonjudgmental “tolerance” of all ideas, all definitions.  How does one persuade a person that one definition is superior to another, when his highest values deny that such a thing is possible?  Thus, in the New Civ, at least for now, there can be as many religions as there are human beings, every possible one of which is regarded as equally valid, all exactly as efficacious in saving one’s soul—because the concept of salvation itself is arbitrary, just as true or invalid as any individual decides it is.  In the New Civ, we fulfill Satan’s promise to Adam: we are our own god.  Whatever we believe is “true,” and whatever we don’t believe is not “true,” because there is no eternal standard of Truth, no supreme God as the Bible describes the idea.

Patrick Michael Murphy, “How the West Was Lost,” p.153

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