Saturday, July 29, 2017

Truth - The Obstacle to Gender Ideology

The “first principle” that the transgenderist needs simply is not there, for a woman is not and cannot be a man. So in order to prove the faulty first principle, the transgenderist tries to “create” it, to make it appear to be true. The gender ideologue removes all evidence that conflicts with the transgender principle, surgically mutilating her body and pumping it full of testosterone—for her body, being a woman’s body, is not producing “enough” of that hormone naturally. Even then, the principle’s falsity remains all too evident, so the transgenderist must force others to agree that a woman is a man. For gender ideology, the truth is a great obstacle that must be attacked and destroyed. . . .

As in the case of so many other arguments one sees today, there is no intention to apply the supposition consistently. The premise that everyone creates his own truth contains a concealed asterisk, which states: only select “truths” are to be accepted and respected—only those that validate progressive society’s presupposed first principles.

Gerald T. Mundy, Hiding From the Sun: Gender Ideology’s Attack on Truth

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