Sunday, July 30, 2017

Truth Will Prevail

Proper first principles are a grasping of what is, of truth. Consequently, first principles can never be created by human action, no matter how hard one tries. The truth does not change according to one’s sentiments. On the other hand, disordered first principles beget disordered reasoning and inevitably lead to disordered conclusions. Like the pleasures of the passionate part of the soul, the treatments meant to conceal and mask the truth can only be temporary.

The truth will always prevail in the end, but that does not prevent damage from being done in the meantime. When society is not in accord with truth, a dark void is created, covering the light of truth and extending a welcoming invitation to the evil that dwells in darkness. In such a society, the many are destined to lead disordered, confused lives, controlled and manipulated by those who capitalize on their confusion and ignorance of truth—as one sees now, with larger numbers of distressed individuals seeking mutilation procedures because their authority figures peddle falsehoods. The acceptance, toleration, and encouragement of basic untruths maim the people’s ability to understand properly basic first principles; it impairs their trust of authorities that promulgate the truth and that have only their flourishing at heart.

Gerald T. Mundy, Hiding From the Sun: Gender Ideology’s Attack on Truth

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