Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How Would Same-Sex Fake Marriage Hurt You? #4

Your place of worship will be forced to hire homosexuals and play by new draconian rules that impose homosexuality.  A Catholic adoption charity recently closed its doors in Massachusetts rather than offer children to homosexual couples as the state mandated.  This new rule was the direct result of government-backed same-sex marriage.  Tolerance will become a one-way street—you need to tolerate and even advance homosexuality, but homosexual activists don’t need to tolerate your view.

Free speech and religion rights will be curtailed as opposition to homosexuality is criminalized as “hate speech” (as is now the case in Canada and Sweden).  This should wake up religious people who erroneously believe they ought not to be involved in politics.  Politics affects your ability to practice your religion!  Once same-sex marriage is approved, it will not be long before you will be fined or imprisoned for expressing any opposition to homosexuality.  People with religious moral convictions will be considered worse than racists.

Frank Turek, “Correct, NOT Politically Correct,” pg.54-55 (2008)

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