Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Idea That Truth Is Not Absolute, But Relative, is a LIE

After undergoing relentless indoctrination by popular culture—movies, popular music, sitcom television programs, and network news, etc.—most Americans (yes, even many Christians) have become moral relativists, believing we ought not make any judgments at all on moral grounds.  Adultery, living together without benefit of marriage, homosexuality, no-fault divorce—all of these things are either protected “personal choices” or issues a person is seen as having no control over—“they were born that way”—and who are we to judge?  American sense of fairness has been exploited by “multicultural” moral relativists bent on brainwashing us to believe all personal choices are equal—that there are no truly right or wrong choices or lifestyles, just “different strokes for different folks.” . . .

While Americans generally may no longer hold tightly to “morality” in the sense that it was understood 50 years ago—i.e. chastity outside of marriage, marital fidelity, etc., we struggle valiantly to hold to our “values.”  We believe the powerful should not exploit the average man—think Enron.  The strong should not subjugate the weak—think rape and incest.  Minorities and women should be protected from the presumably racist, sexist majority.  The old should have their Medicare, the young should be provided with a good education. The handicapped should have special parking privileges, and slow learners should have Special Ed.  And perhaps our strongest value:  All children (those born at least) should be protected—from sexual predators to schoolyard bullies to low self-esteem. Yet, with Christianity discredited and Darwinian Evolution as the underpinning of our secular culture, we have no real basis for the “values” we hold dear, based, as they were, on “old-fashioned” biblical morality.  As the late, very popular evolutionist Stephen J. Gould pointed out in the PBS documentary A Glorious Accident, morals and values are about “oughts,” and the evolutionary process is not about “oughts.”  In Darwinian Evolution, the only thing that matters is surviving and reproducing.  The strong subjugate the weak, and that’s all there is to it. Nothing is right and nothing is wrong; nature knows only predator and prey. Yet, the majority of Americans accept as fact that we are mere products of evolution—that we clawed our way up the evolutionary chain by killing or subjugating the weak; but they also suppose we “ought” to behave in certain civilized ways that fly in the face of that belief!

Don and Joy Veinot, America At War With Herself, Midwest Christian Outreach blog

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