Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Roe v. Wade Unconstitutional

Roe v. Wade is the worst decision ever made by the Supreme Court.  It is the worst in terms of moral theory for obvious reasons.  The Court held that killing children in the name of freedom for women was more important than the freedom of the baby to live.  This decision is the worst in terms of constitutional theory as well.  The Justices really made a legislative decision, not a constitutional decision.  In order to make a constitutional decision, the Court has to base its decision on something written down in the Constitution.  There is nothing written in the Constitution which relates at all to a woman’s so-called “right to an abortion.”  Since the Court could not base its decision on any written provision in the Constitution, it is fair to conclude that seven Justices simply decided that abortion laws were bad laws.  Just as we believe the Bible (God’s written law) should guide our moral decision, so the written words of the Constitution should guide our Constitutional decisions and opinions.

Michael Farris, Esq., Constitutional Law for Christian Students, p.114

Comment:  This was written in 1995, but the Court’s ruling that same-sex fake marriage is a Constitutional right is just as much of a travesty as Roe v. Wade insofar as its destruction of society and for all the same reasons as Roe V. Wade.

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