Thursday, July 14, 2016

Christianity or Darwinism?

If all the world followed the teachings of Christ there would be no wars, no jails, no armies, no police, and no poverty.  There would be no crime, no prostitution, no alcoholism or drug abuse, no mental illness, no suicide.  There would be no abortion, no homosexuality, no pornography.  Since people would have inner peace they would be content with simpler lives, and there would be less waste of resources and destruction of the environment due to the manufacturing of innumerable trifles and superfluities.

If, however, everyone lived according to the principles of Darwinism, the world would become a hellish nightmare.  Ruthless egoists would trample on the weak and consider it their moral and scientific right to do so.  The death of weaker human beings through disease, famine, or strife would be considered as ordinary and natural, even beneficial and essential to progress.

There would be swift social breakdown as well.  People who followed their own instincts without regard to God’s law (as Darwin recommended) would become involved in all sorts of deviant social behavior.  Crime and immorality would abound, and the family would disintegrate.  In short, there would be much of what we see today, only more so.

Joseph Keysor, “Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Bible,” pg.392

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