Friday, July 15, 2016

Cohabitation Greatly Affects Children

Delinquency levels and problems in school are higher among adolescents in cohabiting, stepfather families, when compared with married families and true single-parent families.  Compared with their peers with married parents, teens in cohabiting homes had 122 percent greater odds of being expelled from school and delinquency.  Delinquency rates are much lower for teens living with a truly single mother than with a cohabiting mother.  And youths with cohabiting parents are 90 percent more likely to earn lower grades and have lower expectations of attending college. …

The respected Fragile Families research project, conducted at Princeton and Columbia Universities, teaches us that “children born to cohabiting parents have more aggressive, withdrawn and anxious/depressive behaviors at age three than children born to married parents.”  Age three!  The negative imp ace is measurable early in a child’s life.

Glenn T. Stanton, "The Ring Makes All the Difference," p.83

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