Monday, June 26, 2017

God is the Leftists’ Chief Rival

God is the leftists' chief rival.  Christian belief, by subjecting all men to divine authority and by asserting in the words “My kingdom is not of this world” that the ideal society does not exist in this life, is the most coherent and potent obstacle to secular humanism.  Christ’s reproof of Judas—“the poor always ye have with you”—when Judas complains that the precious ointment could have been sold to feed the poor rather than applied to Jesus’ feet …, is also a stumbling-block and an annoyance to world reformers.  By putting such socialistic thoughts into the mouth of the despised traitor-to-be Judas, and by stating so baldly the truth known to all conservatives that poverty cannot be eradicated, the Bible angers and frustrates those who believe that the pursuit of a perfect society justifies the quest for absolute power.

The concepts of sin, of conscience, of eternal life, and of divine justice under an unalterable law re the ultimate defense against the utopian’s belief that ends justify means and that morality is relative.

Peter Hitchens, The Rage Against God, pg.134-135

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