Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Soviet Communism IS Linked to Atheism

Soviet Communism is organically linked to atheism, materialist rationalism, and most of the other causes the New Atheists support.  It used the same language, treasured the same hopes, and appealed to the same constituency as atheism does today.  When its crimes were still unknown, or concealed, it attracted the support of the liberal intelligentsia who were then, and are even more now, opposed to religion. …

Even after its evils became widely known, the same liberal intelligentsia continued in many cases to sympathize with the USSR and defend it against conservative and Christian critics.  Soviet power was—as it was intended to be—the opposite of faith in God.  It was faith in the greatness of humanity and in the perfectibility of human society.  The atheists cannot honestly disown it, and it is because they know this is in their hearts that they panic and babble when confronted with the problem.  Nothing else can explain the absurd denials they issue.

Peter Hitchens, The Rage Against God, pg.137-138

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