Monday, September 28, 2015

Government and Selfism

Selfism is now the standard position of much of the government bureaucracy that deals with social problems.  It is certainly the controlling system in the so-called "helping professions" -- clinical psychology, counseling, and social work. ...

Fifty years ago the "helping professions" were of little consequence; today they are huge and still growing as the government expands its social services.  The accompaniment of this growth by the self-theory ethic constitutes a powerful challenge to the Christian faith.  There is little reason to believe that this secular religion will change over the years, since it is not some arbitrary choice based on a fad in the 1960s but a necessary part of the extension of government programs into every aspect of our personal and family life.  This expansion of the state will continue until it either meets resistance or simply collapses of its own weight.  In any event, a secular ideology is a necessity for a secular state -- and as a result, it becomes harder and harder to be both a good Christian and a good American.

Paul C. Vitz, "Psychology As Religion: The Cult of Self-Worship," pg.144, 145

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