Friday, September 4, 2015

Promiscuity Rates Of Homosexuals

Even if monogamy could reduce health problems, monogamy is the exception rather than the rule among homosexuals.  The average number of sexual partners in a lifetime for a heterosexual is four, but for a homosexual it is fifty.  The vast Sex in America survey published by the University of Chicago found monogamy among heterosexuals to be 83 percent but less than 2 percent for homosexuals.  Another survey had more moderate results, but still found infidelity in about 62 percent of gay couples.  That led researchers in the Journal of Family Psychology to write, "The practice of sexual non-monogamy among some gay couples is one variable that differentiates gay and heterosexual couples."

Why is monogamy much more common between men and women?  Could it be because men and women are designed for one another and are therefore complementary?  Think about it.  One of the least-mentioned aspects of this debate is how men and women compliment one another.  Each sex balances and moderates the other by providing what's lacking in the other.

However, in same-sex relationships, the pairing of identicals propels them to extremes not balance.  Lesbians tend to push one another to emotional extremes as evidenced by the intense demands they put on one another, but male homosexuals experience the most damaging effects of imbalance.  Instead of the sex drive of the man being balanced by the emotional needs of the woman, male homosexuals reinforce and amplify the sex drive of one another.  That's why their behavior often becomes compulsive to the point of explosive promiscuity--anywhere from 21-43 percent of homosexual men have several hundred sexual partners!

Frank Turek, Correct, NOT Politically Correct, pg. 33

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